About Mahavir-NX

Mahavir-NX is a home-grown ethnic wear. Weaving each patron’s fine traditions and emotions, we have created a blend of clothing that not only resonates with our rich design idealogy but also has a fair share of traditional blessings and joy from the occasions we aim to cater to. You ask for bridal wear, a wedding collection or a whole new range of Indian wedding dresses, we are with it any time of the year.


To be a global leader in representing Indian traditional wear


To make Indian traditional wear a part of our lives


After working as an employee and then starting with a 200-square-foot store in Kalbadevi, we now have three stores in Kalbadevi. Having created goodwill in the market, Mahavir NX has grown tremendously. worked with many singers featured in many shows and festivals. also showing up in news articles, our brand has grown worldwide


Amarshi Mansi Nishar

Started working in the garment industry at the age of 14. He first started with a job in the garment industry, then opened a 500-square-foot store in Kalbadevi, the heart of ready-made garments in Mumbai, in the year 1978, and then progressed in the industry. In the men's garment industry, he is known as BAPPA. He has experience with how big businesses work and has created the brand from scratch. He is respected by the garment industry. Helped many people in the industry grow their businesses. He is 65 years old and still as bold and energetic as a young entrepreneur.